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Legion Td 2 Guide

Hier findest du alle Infos zum Echtzeit-Strategiespiel Legion TD 2 von AutoAttack Games, Inc. für PC: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst. Legion TD 2 ist ein Spiel von AutoAttack Games, das von AutoAttack Games vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Casual Game-Genre, Unterkategorie Tower Defense. Mit dieser App haben Sie die möglichkeit für das Spiel Legion TD 2 sogenannte Interactive Guides zu erstellen und von anderen Nutzern anzuschauen.

Interaktive Guides und Lexikon - Legion TD 2

Durchstöbern und bewerten Sie von Spielern erstellte Guides für dieses Spiel. Oder erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen und teilen Sie Ihre Tipps mit der Community. Interaktive Guides und Lexikon - Legion TD 2 Android APK herunterladen und installieren. Verbessern Sie ihre Fähigkeiten mit Guides und erkunden Sie. Starting now, Legion TD 2 is on sale and featured on the front page of Steam. Weekend [Updated ] The Legion TD 2 Guide by LForward. The guide for.

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Legion TD2 Guide: 7 Tips for new players - Read description

Legion Td 2 Guide
Legion Td 2 Guide Legion TD 2 is a strategy game played by two teams of two. Deploy fighters (towers) to defend your lane against waves of enemies and hire mercenaries to attack your opponents. To win, you must defeat the opposing team's king before they defeat yours. From start to finish, a match lasts around 25 minutes. Legion TD 2 Gameplay Guide [Staff Answer] Jules, Jul 5, Replies: 0 Views: 10, Jules Jul 5, Sticky. Rating & Matchmaking Guide [Staff Answer]. Legion: Tier: Fighter: Cost: Value: Range: DPS: HP: Dmg Type: Def Type: Ability 1: Ability 2: Atlantean: T1: Pollywog: 7: Magic: Swift: Atlantean. It's often as simple as using attack and defense type, but ultimately, Legion TD 2 is a complex game with lots of interactions. This guide is based on my personal experience. I'm happy to take feedback and change it, and I'll do my best to update it every patch. Start with 2 upped Revenants and 2 small Ones if u don't have a tanky T2. Aim for 5 Revenants or 4 Revenants + some tanks in front if you got them for Level 3. Same Should hold Level 4 under normal circumstances, for Level 5 you should get over Value, if enemy sends a blood orc you can't do much about it since Revenants are not tanky at all. View high quality Legion TD 2 guides created by top players. Legion: Tier: Fighter: Cost: Value: Range: DPS: HP: Dmg Type: Def Type: Ability 1: Ability 2: Atlantean: T1: Pollywog: 7: Magic: Swift: Atlantean. 9/26/ · Legion TD Mega is relatively popular Warcraft3: The Frozen Throne map made by HuanAK. Honestly i started playing this map because my friends don't like DotA 1, so we needed to find game that we all like to play and we found Legion Tower Defense Mega Mega. It is very complex game, mainly based on maths and strategies, but also knowledge. Replies: Gala Spins No Deposit Views: 2, You can send for 1 Income Level 2 here, but that's optional, without sending you will only up 1 more Dwarven Engineer for 2, otherwise you add another T1. First Staff Post. Doing so maximizes the time your fighters are alive and dealing damage. Shallow Grave. Starting now, Legion TD 2 is on sale and featured on the front page of Steam. Weekend [Updated ] The Legion TD 2 Guide by LForward. The guide for. Durchstöbern und bewerten Sie von Spielern erstellte Guides für dieses Spiel. Oder erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen und teilen Sie Ihre Tipps mit der Community. Elemental Opener W/ Solid Workers Early. 2,mal angesehen. Forsaken guide · 1,mal angesehen. A Guide to different class strategies. Legion TD 2 ist ein Spiel von AutoAttack Games, das von AutoAttack Games vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Casual Game-Genre, Unterkategorie Tower Defense.

Good damage but very slow attack speed makes this unit good only if you have no other source of magic damage. This is useful on ranged levels where your melee units need to switch fast from one to another creep.

This is great on melee levels where creeps are slowed, so they need more time to come closer, which is more time to your ranged damage dealers to do their job.

Over all both Tree of Travel and Time are great supportive towers and nice early-mid game tanks too. With nice HP can tank and deal nice damage in early game.

Yggdrasil is basically great from all aspects in early and mid game, tanks good, deals good damage and has Sacred Blessing ability that heals up to 4 friendly towers and himself for 40 hp every 5 seconds.

Can be build early on due to his low price and is extremely good on all early and mid game levels. Can be upgraded once but has two different upgrades.

If this unit dies, it will heal up to 5 nearby towers for HP. Overall great supportive tower that tanks good in all stages of the game.

When he dies he will deal damage in large AOE to 15 units. This is great in early game as he clears full waves only by himself and is also good later on as it damages almost full waves.

There is a strategy with these trees that i will explain and talk about in sector 'Builds'. With 70 HP useless in X3 mode. Bone Warrior has Frenzy ability that gives him bonus HP regeneration and move speed.

All skeletons have this ability. Can be upgraded once, but has three different upgrades. First upgrade is into Skeletor MHP; ;0.

Overall good early game tower that can tank a bit. Fire Archers have total of 20 mana pool with slight regeneration. Overall good early game damage dealer due to his fire arrows and nice attack speed.

This is useful at all game stages as it increases damage output of your towers. However you can't control which tower will be Mind Warped so Dark Mage can fail and give it to some useless unit.

Overall one of the few useful tier 1 towers even in late game. Almost useless due to his small damage in X3 mode.

Useful early on and also good later with his slowing attack effect for air levels. I find him useless due to low damage and attack speed through all game and expensive too.

Harbringer can tank a bit in early and mid game, but he is not great by any means. Same tower as Orcs Raider with a different name and model.

Overall great towers that makes all your melee towers more durable. With high HP pool and great attack speed he is one of the best units in early game.

With ridiculous attack speed fastest attack speed in Legion Mega he deals good damage and benefits greatly if combined with life steal aura.

Overall good early-mid game tank and damage dealer. This ability is amazing, as he splits into 2 units actually and Infernal tanks while Lord of Death deals damage.

Very useful unit in early and even mid game. With this unit count, Hades causes chaos on battlefield and many Legion players consider him as a best single late game tower as he seems to have no weaknesses and is good against every level.

Can be combined with Messiah that gives him more mana regeneration so he can summon his army twice during one level duration.

Overall strongest single tower in Legion Mega at least 1 versus 1 and also good at all game stages. With low hp and damage, useless in X3 mode.

Adepts damage may seem high but due to its slow attack speed and low HP this tower should be avoided in building process.

Can be used early on with his Water Splash ability that strikes one additional enemy creep with reduced damage. Very useful at early levels with his Deluge ability that strikes two additional enemies with reduced damage.

Overall both towers are great in early game with their high damage output. Can be used on first few waves as he deals good damage. Violet has Gusts of Wind ability which damages 10 damage each second per gust and he sends 3 gusts.

Overall good but a bit expensive unit, maybe not worth its price. Can be used as a good tank in early and even mid game.

Both Mudman and Golem have same role, to stay in front and absorb most of the incoming damage. Has low HP pool but if placed correctly can deal huge amounts of damage.

Disciple has Mana Burst ability that gives him 60 bonus damage for cost of 10 mana and he has total of 50 mana pool.

He can be combined with most towers with mana, making them to cast their spells more rapidly. Due to his high price its not often used in early game, but can be well used in mid game.

He has total of mana pool. First ability is called also Energy Shield and is the same as on Seer of Darkness, only difference is that Fenix has bigger mana pool total mana.

Second ability is called Focus Energy which gives him 1 bonus damage per 3 remaining mana points. Overall powerful and tanky unit that can be well combined with Messiah which gives him huge mana regeneration making him extremely hard to die.

So this is a list of all towers with explanations how they work and which are their roles in game. As i said to understand this game fully you need to be familiar with all towers and their abilities and i hope this sector with all of them listed and explained will help you a bit.

I will only put my income guide here so you have all that at one place. If you think that you are good einough and that you don't need income guide, i will give you numbers so you don't read all text that i personally think good incomer should be able to achieve: level 5: incomes level incomes level incomes level incomes level incomes Of course, it's always good to do better than this, but again it depends on many variables, as leakers or no, towers that you have, and so on So what you actually need to have good income?

The most important thing is to know all towers and their abilities. Of course, there are good and 'bad' towers but your challenge is to do the best with what you have.

It is obvious that you can't income the same if you have, for example Goblin blasters or Apparitions as tier 5. Anyways, to make the complexity of this easier for understanding, i will split game into 3 stages, and some substages.

So what you do with all that gold? Of course, build workers and upgrade lumberjack! First substage, levels This substage is important, in order to give you momentum that you need to income well in early stage of the game.

By level 5 you should have income, which is basically free worker every next wave. In order to have incomes on level 5, you need to build workers early on, even on level 1.

So when game starts, you should immediately start building 1 worker, and then try to beat level 1 with or less value, which you can do with many many towers and combinations.

Secound substage, lvl In this stage you should start thinking about boss fight, and MID game itself, so again important substage for momentum in MID game.

In this part, you should max your worker count, which means that you should be able to build 7 wisps.

Between that, you should upgrade your lumberjack. Your income should be reaching or in between in this stage. Third substage, levels As you probably know, this is the best time for upgrading lumberjack, because level 11 is kinda fail level.

You can easily beat level 11 with value. Your income on level 11 should be like if you did it well. Its not a problem to leak even all 3 bosses, in order to have good income, it will pay off.

You just should be careful and upgrade your king, if your mates can't catch your leak. In this stage you should finish your lumberjack upgrades.

For example heavy tanks with normal damage, beats level 12 easily, and some good pierce slashes level 13 easily. Level 14, is hard, imbalanced so you should build something for that specific level.

Secound substage, lvl Funny einough, but true, most important substage of the most important stage, is this one, between levels This period is specific and important, because you should finish your lumberjack upgrades in between.

After level 14, never build towers for level 15, because what beats level 14, beats 15 too. There are many things that you should do after you finish your lumberjack upgrades.

First and the most important thing to do is to max your King. You can check your king status by typing '-king'.

After that, you can focus on summons. And this is where it gets a bit complicated. So, lets do some maths, when you send a Demon, you lose 5 income it costs and gives 70, instead of 75 as if it was full income unit.

So for every next level you are losing that 5 gold per wave which means that you will lose around 70 gold only from one Demon. Do it multiple times, and earlier on for example send hermit on level 1, you loose 30 gold, -1 gold every wave x30 waves.

When you stack that and do some maths, you notice that you lose Huge amounts of gold, if you send non full income units.

Of course, on certain levels you should send non full income units, but don't do it every time we will talk more about this in sector 'Summons'.

Demon or not, in lategame good player will not leak, you will only feed him. So what to send? Best sends imo are krakens, they have good abilities and decent slow effect attack.

It happend to me many many times. So if you see that you don't get any summons on lets say, levels 14, 15, In that case, you should immediately stop your lumberjack upgrades and start maxing your king and building towers.

This will affect your income, but your king will survive. If you reach that, you WON'T have any problems in late game.

If you reach this, you will be able to support your friends which couldn't income that well, by catching their leaks. As level 30 finishes, you will have around But if you are starting, or you are relatively new to this game, i recommend you to stop reading here, this can confuse you So, my mates will not leak?

I have only 20 income on level 6 because of that, what to do? This is why i call that next level, because it is really hard to do, but possible if you have good 'feeling'.

What i wanted to say is that you can make yourself leak few units to make waves longer, but you can fail, and leak 15 units because of that, so be careful.

So that is the first level. Next level is maybe an abuse, but you have right to do it. So for example leak 20 acolytes not only you, you and your mates together , what to do?

Max kings regen or make it lvl and then start bugging king. How to do it? This is the second level. Final thing that you can do to increase income, is about demon send in lategame.

As you can see on lvl 20 what your enemies have you can send a Demon if you are sure that they will leak, and if that happens, you will get more income from that delay than that 5 income you lose from demon.

This this is third level. Well, this is all about income and as i said you can find it in my Income Guide too. This is just a bit adjusted.

So lets move to the next sector. Town has multiple usages and first is of course, as you know to build Wisps and then to upgrade Lumberjack.

Also it is good to point out that while you are building wisps or upgrading lumberjack you won't be able to upgrade your King, that option will be muted.

Final nice usage of Town is Rally point set, where you can set a point where your next wisp will go, so you don't need to send them manually to the trees.

This is also set on middle tree on the game start, but you will have to change it once or two times in order to prevent your wisps from bugging.

Both Barracks and Advanced Barracks has 12 different creeps that you can summon each wave, that will go to your opponents together with regular level creeps.

Each of these creeps have different cooldown which means that you can't send infinite amount of creeps per wave. It is nice to point out that every summon creep has hotkey that you can use in order to send creeps faster.

Bowman for example can be sent on 'w'. We will talk more about every single creep that you can summon in sector 'Summons'. Farms are used in order to provide food for your towers, without them you can't build towers.

Farms can also be built by wisps, and this can be useful in late game. So when you reach your level 10 farm and food limit, grab a wisp and build one more level 1 farm, High Elven farms can be unefficient because they can give you more food than you actually need and that is wasted gold and lumber.

So after you reach level 10 on your first farm, start upgrading your second level 1 farm and of course don't forget to send your wisp back to his tree.

So hes protection is actually point of the game, because if your King dies, you lose a game. King is nothing more than a high ranged powerful tower, which can't move and you can upgrade using lumber as i said in 'Town' sector.

When you max your King's upgrades he will have HP, attack damage,around HP regeneration per second and 0. King also has total of mana pool.

He is quite strong, stronger than all other creeps except Grom'thar but still he can easily die if you leak a lot of units along with some summons.

King also has abilities that he gains as game goes later. First ability he gains on level 5. So lets list all King's abilities and see when and how they can be used: 1.

King's Permanent Immolation: Burns enemy land units for 12 damage per second. This is very nice ability that can save heal of two in early game, specially on level 7.

Later it is also useful in mid game as it drains hp of enemies, so King needs less attacks to lasthit them. Disadvantages of Immolation are that it doesn't affect flying and ranged creeps.

King's Shockwave: With this ability King can send damaging wave, that deals 90 damage to all units in a line. It has huge AOE and you often can hit all units that reach King with this.

It cost mana but it't main disadvantage is long cooldown, so you won't be able to cast this too many times. Overall nice damage in early game but loses efficiency as game goes later.

King's War Stomp: King slams the ground dealing 45 damage to nearby creeps and stunning them for 1. This is very nice ability, gives your King chance to heal a bit and also damage output is nice in early game with low cooldown.

Disadvantages of this are high mana cost and relatively small AOE, so it won't affect ranged creeps. Aura has huge AOE so basically every unit that teleported into King's pit will have bonus damage.

Aura has huge AOE too. Has huge AOE. It is good to point out that all King's auras stack with similar tower auras. Also other three King's abilities deal spell damage type, so that damage is not reduced by armor value or armor type.

These bulds are related to one single or a few towers. So i will go level by level and i will show you when and what to build, mostly in early game, because if you do a decent income score early on, mid and late game won't be a problem.

After level 12 your main damage dealers are still Elite Archers, so all you need is something to tank in front of them.

Level 13 will be no problem with Light armor, Elites will clear it easily. Continue Lumberjack upgrades, and you will easily finish that before level Second Build guide, Goblin Blaster strategy: As tanks with insane damage output and move speed, Goblin Blasters are one of the strongest towers in early and mid game.

The most crutial parts of the build are level 1 and 5. The firts problem is when you get a dragon or a dino on level 1.

Because creeps spawn randomly, the time it takes the dragon or the dino to get to your alchemist varies. This rarely happens but it is possible.

To prevent this you can build the second wisp after the second alchemist, but in that case you're on your way to have less income. Note 2: The second problem occurs when you get a furbolg on level 5.

Blasters with their normal damage kill the hawks with one hit most of the time, but when you get the furbolg they never do due to the armor boost.

This will not ruin your game like the situation on level 1, but it will greatly decrease your income. This is the perfect situation to build a small low-cost tower with an effect if you're playing prophet such as orc warlock, ice troll, harpy.

This doesn't seem like much but it does a miracle on this level. Still, with Finishing Blow, they won't be totally useless in late game and they will be good at front lines while some late game ranged towers can deal damage.

So, in most cases, not only will you be able to kill your bosses easily, but you can catch your mate's leaks. Extremely tanky Tree of Knowledge can kill half of waves with regular attacks and the other half with it's explosion.

This build requires one more tower and many towers can fit that role, they are usually tier 3 or tier 4 towers.

After every build i explained that you will have great income score and you can basically build anything you have after, you won't have any problems in late game.

What is also important about these builds is time, so try to be fast, start building Wisps immediately when you get enough gold and generally respect time factor in this game.

This is also highly connected to positive and negative 'Focus', but we will talk about that in next Sector. There are some general placement rules and ideas that you need to follow in order to make your value more efficient.

Remember, placement can be important even early on when you have only a few towers. First placement idea: So first and basic placement idea is 'Tanks in front, ranged towers behind'.

This may sound unnecessary but i find more and more players failing about this one. So try to keep this way, always try to build ranged towers behind and melee tanks in front, this will make your mass more efficient.

You can also do a little test with this, to see how important this actually is. So here is a test: Go to single player and enter -debug mode.

Set level to level 3 and build 1 Soul of Hero and right behind him 1 Pyro. After that do the same, but put the Soul of Hero right behind Pyro and compare results of that level.

Second placement idea: This idea is also related to early game. Sometimes general ideas are not good and sometimes its good to put ranged tower in front of less ranged or melee tower for example.

This requires you to recognize the damage dealer tower in early game and protect him with anything you have, be it melee or ranged tower.

So lets explain this a bit, for example you have Pyro on level 2. After level 2 you don't have any good damage dealers for level 3.

What you need to do here to leak less or not to leak at all is to put some ranged tower in Front of or next to Pyro for example put Sprite next to Pyro because Pyro although he is almost melee is your damage dealer, and if he gets focused early on, you can leak a lot.

Third placement idea: This idea is useful when you have one or two towers only. It is about building your towers right next to the wall.

With this kind of placement you prevent your towers to be fully surrounded by melee creeps and that will reduce damage output of the melee level greatly.

That was it about placement, but remember every single situation in Legion Mega is almost unique due to that fact that summons are always different.

Home Games News Cosplay. A great resource for players looking to learn the fundamentals of Legion TD 2.

Overview Legion TD 2 is a 2v2 and 4v4 strategy game. Build fighters to defend your lane against waves of enemies and hire mercenaries to attack your opponents.

To win, you must defeat the opposing team's king before they defeat yours. From start to finish, a match lasts around 20 minutes. Controls Left-click to do most things in the game.

Right-click to ping. Most units, icons, and UI elements can be pinged. TAB to see an overview of your and your ally's builds.

Build and upgrade your fighters here. Economy in Legion TD 2 is best described by the following engine: Waves Legion TD 2 has 21 rounds or "waves," each with increasing difficulty.

Most games will end before wave Each wave is separated into two phases: a build phase and a battle phase.

Build Phase The build phase occurs at the start of each wave and lasts for approximately 30 seconds. Fighters move, attack, and cast spells automatically.

Even if your fighters die in battle, they return fully restored the following wave. You can perform limited actions during the battle phase: Reroll your fighters Train workers Hire mercenaries Scout your opponents Fighters Your fighters are your defense.

Each wave during the build phase, you build and upgrade fighters. During the battle phase, enemy waves spawn at the top of your lane and move downwards towards your fighters.

Fighters move upwards to challenge them. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.

Learn more. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

Sign In. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Browse Browse. Community Hub. Competitive 2v2 and 4v4 tower defense.

Single-player options. From the team that brought you Legion TD. Made by an indie team of 4 friends. Monthly updates and absolutely no pay-to-win mechanics.

Recent Reviews:. Jules Oct 14, Replies: 1 Views: Jules Sep 2, Builds for new players - Forsaken [Staff Answer] A. Crowley , May 12, Replies: 5 Views: 2, Crowley Aug 14, Builds for New Players - Atlantean A.

Crowley , May 24, Crowley Jul 5, Builds for new players - Mech A. Crowley , May 19, Replies: 2 Views: 2, Crowley May 26, Replies: 1 Views: 1, Jules May 23,

Legion Td 2 Guide If you reach this, you will be able to support your friends which couldn't income that well, by catching their leaks. This ability is, however, bugged because you should be able to turn this on and off as you like, but it simply doesn't work, so Guard will always Online Casino Mit Handyrechnung Aufladen Defend buff on him. Of course you will need something to tank in front, but due to their slow movement speed they rarely cause problems. Same value holds Level 6. Second ability is called Focus Energy which gives him 1 bonus damage per 3 remaining mana points. Replies: 3 Views: 1, Without sufficient income, you won't have enough gold to spend on fighters value to clear late game waves. As i said to understand this game fully you need to be familiar with all towers and their abilities and i hope this sector Northern Casino Grande Prairie all of them listed and explained will help you a bit. Overall powerful and tanky unit that can be well combined with Messiah which gives him huge mana regeneration making him Clash Of Heroes Rätsel hard to die. Mythium is harvested by workers. Clockwreck has Cluster Deutschland Südkorea Livestream Zdf ability that stuns target in small AOE at ability tooltip it says that it also deals 10 damage, but it is a bug, because it doesn't deal any damage. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. Due to her efficiency and great damage, this unit allows you to make huge income scores in early and even mid game. Succubuss move extremely fast. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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Legion Td 2 Guide Streamhighlights: Showmatch The Night Series The Developers. Desktopversion anzeigen. If you're new to the game, here are some tips to get started:.


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